Tiger Pug China – Cross Border Ecommerce Service

Welcome to Tiger Pug

We are an established Indian business with our company headquarters in Singapore

Tiger Pug China provides manufacturers, brand owners, traders and sellers in China an opportunity to sell their products in India

We provide the convenience of being a one-stop place for all that is required for China companies to sell their products in India

We assist with brand building, selling products on online marketplaces and to build your distribution across India

Since India is a fast growing and large market, it is important for every manufacturer and brand owner from China to look at this market for their business expansion

Just having trade buyers from India is not enough. As a brand owner or manufacturer from China, you can establish your self in this growing market.

You can first start with using Tiger Pug services to sell your products in India and after you taste success and have market learning’s you can expand and establish a full office and business in India

We can do the following activities related to ecommerce

  1. Sell your products on India Online Marketplaces as an Importer of Record and Seller of Record
  2. Sell your products through an online store that we can set up and manage for you
  3. Sell your products to businesses and retailers through B2B and Wholesale sites

To enable this we also provide allied services like trade mark registration, product testing and certification, warehousing and fulfilment and product returns management