If you are a foreign company with no legal entity in India, you can use our services as the Importer of Record and Seller of record (IOR)

We will set up an account for you on the online marketplace with whom we have an agreement to do so

This account will be under our company name in India as the Seller of Record. You will have access to the account through us and you can see your sales and process your orders as per agreed processes

Once we set up your account and we have an agreement between us, then you can start by sending your catalogue and product pictures as per the guidelines.

After the catalogue and pricing is set up on the online marketplace, you can expect orders to start

When the order is received, you have to process the order and send it to our logistics partner at your cost. You have to also pay the logistics partner for the cost of delivery from China to India

After the order is completed and delivered and payment received from the online marketplace, the Importer of Record will arrange to send the funds to the seller