Benefits for Chinese Sellers

India is a big and complex market

There are big opportunities and for this it helps to have a local presence

Since China sellers may not want to set up their office without first testing and understanding the market, Tiger Pug provides the service for them to start selling products to India consumers

Once the products start selling and the brand or product gets established in the country, the seller can consider establishing their direct presence in the country and expanding their business in India

By partnering with Tiger Pug there are many benefits for China Sellers

  1. Sell to India with a partner who is from India and understands India
  2. Have a relationship manager in China who can be the key contact and can communicate between all parties
  3. Use the partnership that Tiger Pug has with leading online marketplace and get your products sold across borders on this marketplace
  4. Tiger Pug also provides various allied services for establishing the brand in India